FRONTIER TEX is a company that strives for excellence in all areas; a company that has been at the forefront of manufacturing activities since its establishment. Our company maintains a climate where every employee is encouraged to reach his or her full potential. We look forward to cherishing your involvement in the organization. Frontier Tex has always looked upon the development of Human Resources as well as the most rewarding task of management. We believe that people are our greatest assets.

Employment equity also remains a priority on our transformation agenda. Employing the best skilled people in the industry is vital to the success and sustainability of our company . It is through our staff that we realize our aspirations and deliver on our strategic goals and objectives. Our core values include the following;

We deliver on our promises
We treat each other with dignity and respect
We have a safety mindset
We recognise and reward good work

If you believe you have the right combination of passion, proficiency and tenacity to join our team, then perhaps FrontierTex is the place for you!

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